2016 Best Wedding Moments

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Last year I decided at the end of every wedding year I would post a blog about all my weddings and feature some of my favorite pictures. I am a little late on this one for the year because I spent the very end of the wedding year capturing a New Year's Eve wedding! When I started to meet with brides and grooms back in January, we found out we would be expecting our second child at the end of September! 


I went the whole wedding season pregnant! I ended up shooting the same amount of weddings as last year...14 but I had many beautiful and VERY unique weddings that I was thrilled to capture!! I am so excited to share all these pictures with you. To my brides and grooms this past year...I consider you all friends now! I enjoyed every moment of capturing your memories! I wrote out what I remember most from each of your wedding days (a view from my eyes!). I tried to share some different types of pictures for each wedding but I am still a sucker for bride and groom pictures so you will see a lot of those too! This was a blast to go back through each day! Thank you to my main second shooter and great friend Elizabeth Simmons for helping second shooter a majority of these weddings! 


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Becky Palmer 

April 16, 2016

Green Valley Church of Christ Noblesville, IN 

Britton Banquet Hall Fishers, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/4/mr-and-mrs-andrew-and-rebecca-palmer

Andrew and Becky had such a fun bridal party! They had everyone wearing flamingo shoes...so so much fun! The other part of their day that stands out in my mind is their first look with each other in the church. It brought tears to my eyes when Andrew saw Becky for the first time. I also got tears when Becky's father Ken saw her too, I know Ken well because he is my neighbor! It was an amazing wedding to start out the wedding season! 

Mr. and Mrs. Coty and Olga Jackson

April 30, 2016

Harbor Trees Golf Club Noblesville, IN 

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/5/mr-and-mrs-coty-and-olga-jackson-april-30th-2016

The morning of this wedding the forecast called for rain allllll day. Determined that we were going to get these two outside for some pictures, I went and bought 10 umbrellas that morning! When we were all ready to take pictures the rain stopped and we didn't need a single umbrella for the pictures. I could go on and on about how GREEN the plants were outside! Coty and Olga have the sweetest little boy. Some of my favorite moments of the day were with him! Should I mention that April has a huge place in my heart because that was the month my daughter was born in!? It is so beautiful outside at the end of April with all flowers and green grass! 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Holly McLemore

May 7, 2016

Indianapolis, IN (backyard wedding)

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/5/mr-and-mrs-michael-and-holly-mclemore-5/7/16

Michael and Holly got married at a small little catholic church surrounded by their close family and friends. Then all of their family headed back to their house for a backyard set up reception. The set up was so cute and man was the food good!! I loved that these two wanted their day to be intimate/small. Their sweet doggie even got to enjoy the day!  

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Lindsay Parrish

June 11, 2016

Bradley United Methodist Church Greenfield, IN

Adaggios Banquet Hall and Conference Center Greenfield, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/6/mr-and-mrs-andrew-and-lindsay-parrish-june-11-2016

It was hot. How do I remember this!? Well being pregnant during the summer...you remember these things very clearly haha. We made pictures go extra quickly outside around the church and it was a beautiful area. The church they got married in was incredible. Those stained glass windows were stunning! Can I just say...I loved these two so much! They are both so down to Earth and fun! It made for such an enjoyable day for everyone! Oh and that dress...GORGEOUS! Lindsay's veil went the length of her train! 

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Jessica Egger

June 25, 2016

Montage Indianapolis, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/7/mr-and-mrs-brandon-and-jessica-egger-june-25-2016

I drove by the Montage all the time when I lived over in the Castleton area so I got really excited when Brandon and Jessica said that they would be getting married there! There's nothing I love more than working at new venues! Jessica and Brandon both lost a parent. Brandon lost his father and Jessica lost her mother. There were so many tears throughout the day. I know they were there in spirit! They had such a fun group of people at their wedding! People were dancing the night away! I laughed a lot during their day and also shed quite a few tears (yes photographers get emotional on wedding days too...especially pregnant ones ha!)

Mr. and Mrs. Wade and Allison Burtron 

July 2, 2016

First United Methodist Church Noblesville, IN
Ritz Charles Inc. Carmel, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/7/mr-and-mrs-wade-and-allison-burtron-july-2-2016

Let me just start out by saying these two are an absolute beautiful couple inside and out! They have been together 11 years since they were 11 years old! I mean what couple can say that!? When I found out where their ceremony was going to be...I had to laugh! It is literally down the street from my house and my daughter now goes to pre-school there! I could go on and on about this day! The day was spent around Allison's aunt's pool and Morse Reservoir in Noblesville! It was SO much fun and made for some amazing pictures! The day could have been extremely hot but was perfect in the mid 70s! Their pictures around the fountain at The Ritz were also some of my favorites from the wedding season!

Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Kayla Nolen

July 8, 2016

Brookville Road Community Church New Palestine, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/7/mr-and-mrs-josh-and-kayla-nolen-july-8-2016

Josh and Kayla got married in a big church on a Friday evening. They had such a BEAUTIFUL sunset for their pictures. They were some of my favorite pictures from the whole wedding season! Kayla wore blog Toms under her wedding dress. I LOVED them and I'm sure her feet were nice and comfy all day! They had many handmade decorations around their ceremony and reception area. You can tell these two will have many many amazing years together because they fit so well together! Thank you to Bethany Peterson of Bethany Peterson Photography for helping me shoot this wedding! 

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Kari Venable-Sanders

August 12, 2016

Riverside Cemetery Noblesville, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/8/brandon-and-karis-wedding-evening

My husband and I are blessed to have such amazing neighbors that live around us! I was able to capture TWO weddings this past year of my neighbors' daughters! I mean how fun is that!? When I heard about Kari's wedding I got really excited! Brandon and Kari live across the street from a beautiful cemetery that sits right on the White River. They decided this was where they wanted their ceremony to take place. I am all about new and unique weddings!! They decided to keep it intimate where only the officiant and me would witness their vows. The place where the vows happened was drenched in sunlight...absolutely breathtaking! They had friends and family at their house for a reception! It was a blast!! Oh and Kari's dress...fit her perfectly! She looked beautiful! 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Lauren Gregory

August 13, 2016

Carmel Lutheran Church Carmel, IN

The Bridgewater Club Carmel, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/8/mr-and-mrs-eric-and-lauren-gregory-august-13-2016

This past year had some very weird weather but let's be honest...Indiana is known for weird weather! Who would have thought the middle of August it would be raining!? BUT, Lauren choose gray dresses for her bridesmaid and they couldn't have been a better choice! The gray skies with the dresses made for AMAZING pictures! I had a wonderful time with these two! They are so fun together and such a perfect match! I will forever remember Lauren's father's speech because it reminded me of my Dad. He talked about how Lauren always called him when she needed help with something (such as her car). He then gave out a new number and told her how she has a new man to turn to for help. My second shooter, Elizabeth and I were crying...so so good and the reason I LOVE this job so much! 

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt and Alesha Roubal

August 27, 2016

Mustard Seed Gardens Noblesville, IN

Blog of their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/9/mr-and-mrs-kurt-and-alesha-roubal-august-27-2016

I have lived in Noblesville coming up on 5 years (I can't believe it's been that long!). I drove past Mustard Seed Gardens a million times. I constantly told friends and family that I wanted to shoot a wedding there more than anything. Most of you that are close to me know that I have a dream to open up a barn venue to host weddings. My husband and I talk about it quite often and I have no doubt later in our lives that we will make it happen! Anyway...MSG is one of the most beautiful barn venues in Indiana! The old Victorian house next to the barn is perfect for getting ready in! I cannot say enough great things about this whole day. Kurt and Alesha decided to see each other before the ceremony so we got many many beautiful pictures throughout the venue! These two had quite the party...for it being a small amount of people, they danced the night away! This wedding will be one I will always remember!

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Desi Garrard 

September 3, 2016

Arborwood Frankfort, IN

Blog of their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/9/mr-and-mrs-anthony-and-desi-garrard-september-3-2016

I've known Desi since I was 16 so this whole day was special to me. I already had her day booked when I found out I was pregnant. I let her know that more than likely I would not be having the baby before her day because I had my daughter a week late ha! It was a risk but I told her I wanted to be there! So at 37 weeks pregnant, I still showed up and captured this perfect day (and my ankles weren't even swollen afterward!)

AJ and Desi decided to see each other before the ceremony and I am so glad they did. It was such a beautiful moment! In fact the whole day was just beautiful. They made sure to have all three of their kiddos a part of the day. It made it so special. When Desi was dancing with her father during the father daughter dance...AJ came up with their two girls to dance along side of them. Talk about lots of tears for everyone and of course myself included! I will always remember that moment from their day!

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Cailynn Pawlowski 

November 6, 2016

Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center Noblesville, IN

Blog of their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/11/mr-and-mrs-andrew-and-cailynn-pawlowski-november-6-2016

Let me just say that I am completely blessed to live in a town that has so many amazing venues! This was my 6th wedding of the year that took place right here in Noblesville at the amazing Mill Top downtown. When I booked Andrew and Cailynn's wedding I once again did not know that I was going to have a baby ha! I let them know when we did their engagement session. My son was 6 weeks when I shot this wedding! It was a 12 hour day but everything went so smooth and my little guy had a great day with his Daddy! This wedding was definitely one of my favorites from the year! The colors they picked were gorgeous!! OH can we please check out that cake and display! BEST CAKE EVER!! I loved this wedding so so much and love these two! I will forever remember this day...what a perfect day it was!

Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Bernadette Bricker 

December 10, 2016

St. Matthew United Methodist Church Frankfort, IN

Arborwood Frankfort, IN

Blog from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2016/12/mr-and-mrs-keith-and-bernadette-bricker-december-10-2016

I hadn't shot a Christmas wedding so I got so excited when Bernadette and Keith booked me for their day (mind you I have known Bernadette for years and years!) Their day was totally them! You will see in the picture below that Keith made sure to add in his touch to the day! It was so fun! I loved that Bernadette wore her mom's veil. I know that made for extra special memories for their family. They didn't have to do any decorating in the church because it is always that beautiful around Christmas time. Toward the end of the night it started snowing!! I cannot even begin to talk about how perfect that snow fall was for their Christmas wedding. My second shooter, Elizabeth and I were in LOVE!

Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Ashley Cousino

December 31, 2016 (New Year's Eve)

St. Patrick Church of Arcola Fort Wayne, IN
Baker Street Station Fort Wayne, IN

Blog post from their day: http://www.egoconnellphoto.com/blog/2017/1/mr-and-mrs-josh-and-ashley-cousino-nye-december-31-2016

These two live in the Indianapolis area but decided to have a wedding in Fort Wayne. I know Fort Wayne fairly well because my husband's family lives up there and knew exactly where Bake Street Station was because Chris and I toured it as a possible wedding venue. Josh and Ashley picked a perfect evening to get married. It was in the high 40s which allowed for some great pictures outside. Ashley wore a fur coat over her dress...I was in LOVE! Their family and friends stuck around to the end of the reception because of the ball drop which the DJ showed on the projector. Then Josh and Ashley shared their first kiss of the new year, married. It was a great time! I loved shooting my first NYE wedding!! Thank you to Kristen Mittlestedt Photography for helping second shoot this wedding! 

What a fantastic year! Thank you to all my brides and grooms! 

<3 Emily O. 



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