EG O'Connell Photography | Mr. and Mrs. Austin and Haley Herr {10/10/15}

Mr. and Mrs. Austin and Haley Herr {10/10/15}

October 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Back when I was still working in an elementary school, I met Haley's mom, Brenda. She got ahold of me to shoot Haley's wedding after she saw the pictures I did for another fellow teacher last October (Cassidy Bowling). I was thrilled! I found out the wedding would be at Harbor Trees Golf Course right here in Noblesville! 

I met up with Haley and Austin for their engagement session in downtown Noblesville. I loved how they interacted together. They were making each other laugh and you could tell Haley was Austin's whole world <3! They met in college and moved to Noblesville just down the road from Haley's parents! 

A little bit about their gorgeous fall wedding day...they decided to see each other before the ceremony. I am SO glad they did. The pictures we got are amazing! Haley's wedding dress was one of a kind and she looked absolutely STUNNING in it! Her flowers had parts of her mom's wedding dress on it. There are some pictures below of it! The wedding party was tons of fun! They had me laughing throughout the day. I loved the colors they picked for the bridesmaid's dresses! It brought out the pops of the fall trees in the background. At each table at the reception, there were pictures of them as children which I thought was so fun for their guests to look at. I would say one of my favorite parts of their day was when both of their families danced together to, "We are Family!" It was SO much fun to watch! The whole room went crazy! Well enough talk about their day (as I always say ha!)! ENJOY all these memories from their special day (P.S. I went a little crazy as usual with the amount of pictures...please continue to scroll haha!). 


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