2016 Wedding Behind the Scenes

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Last year I made an album of all the behind the scenes pictures that my main second shooter Elizabeth Simmons took of me during the wedding day. I also had a few from my friend Bethany Peterson of Bethany Peterson Photography that I shared as well! Well I wanted to go ahead share a blog post about all the behind the scenes shots of me (and Elizabeth) during the 2016 wedding season.

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of the year so you will soon see that pretty much all of these pictures are of me pregnant on the job! I will admit it was a lot of work but I am so thankful I was able to stay on my feet and capture all these weddings! Oh and let me just say...the HOTTEST summer EVER and I had to be pregnant during it haha! I thought this would be the best day to post this because it is Elizabeth's birthday!! Happy birthday!! Enjoy these behind the scenes of EG O'Connell Photography! 

This is typical for me during the ceremony haha. I had quite a few people tell me I was crazy for getting down on the floor being so pregnant haha. I never let anything stop me from getting the best shots! ;)

Yes...sometimes Elizabeth and I creep on to the dance floor...this past year she did more dancing than I did. I wonder why haha! But seriously we have fun!

I'm sure you are realizing I like to wear the same outfits! Black is not my color so I don't buy a lot of it because I only wear it during weddings!

Test shot...I spy Elizabeth!

Getting the groom's first look of his bride!

Like I said...it was hot hahaha! Thanks Elizabeth for going above and beyond for me this past wedding season! I owe you this year ;)

When Elizabeth and I see our names for the table we get to sit at...we document it! Thank you to all our brides and grooms for taking such good care of us this year!

Thank you Bethany for helping with this wedding and capturing my big ole 29 week belly! And below...proof I do so so much more than just taking pictures during a wedding day! I love to help in any way I can!

Elizabeth loves to help too...she is great at it! :)

Got to love riding in the golf carts to take pictures haha! We had a blast at Eric and Lauren's wedding!

Elizabeth getting ready for the day with a big cup of coffee haha!

That belly though...36 weeks pregnant here!

Yep...still on the ground at 36 weeks...

So Elizabeth and I died laughing at this later on...she told me she couldn't get any side pictures without my belly being in the picture haha!

I shot AJ and Desi's wedding at 37 weeks pregnant! I ended up having my son, Griffyn at 40 weeks 1 day. 

Griffyn was 6 weeks old when I shot Andrew and Cailynn's wedding. Everything went so smooth and I just LOVED this wedding at the Mill Top!

Elizabeth is great at fixing the dress for pictures! 

Here she is again...

Dancing haha! She is the best!

What a great year it was! Hope you enjoyed seeing some more pictures of us during these weddings. We do our best to make sure your wedding goes as smoothly and as fun as possible!

<3 Emily O.


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