Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Rebecca Palmer {April 16, 2016}

April 29, 2016  •  3 Comments

I have to say one of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding is doing a wedding blog post about the day. I love being able to pick out my favorite pictures that I know the couple will love! ​This is my first wedding blog of the year and I just have to say I had a hard time picking out a few favorites (like usual!).

I was there the night Becky and Andrew first met! I many photographers can say that about the bride and groom!? It was the Fourth of July (two years ago this July) and my neighbors were having their annual party. Becky's parents were there so she stopped by to say hello. Andrew came with his friend Brandon (and best man of the wedding) and the rest was history! Sadly, I was not at the party a year later because that was when Andrew decided to propose to Becky!! That story was just too fun not to share and I was SO excited when they asked me to be their photographer.

These two were completely meant to be. You could see the joy and love on their faces throughout the whole day! There were also very many tears during the ceremony as well. The day started out with Becky and her bridesmaids getting ready at her apartment. It was a beautiful morning! The day called for 75+ degrees and a lot of sun (a bit unusual for April in Indiana). Their ceremony took place at Green Valley Church of Christ in Noblesville and their reception was at Britton Banquet Hall in Fishers. The bridal party wore green shoes with flamingos in them. They had such a fun bridal party and the shoes just added to the fun! Well enough talk about the day...enjoy the story of the wedding day through these pictures! 

I am so blessed to be apart of your perfect day! I know you two will spend a lot years with travels and adventures together! I wish you both many many years of happiness together. You guys are the best!! 

<3 Emily O.


Stacy Goins(non-registered)
These photographs just capture the love between these two! I'm so blessed to gave been the MOH!
Susan Palmer, Aunt of Groom(non-registered)
My favorite is them sitting on the bench looking relaxed. That is one I will need!
Judi Loach(non-registered)
Emily, I love your pictures and the story. I would love to get pictures from you to keep a book of my niece's wedding. Judi
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