Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Hatlyn Miller {9/19/15}

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Chris and Hattie are good friends with Brittany and Letteer Lewis. They all live in Chicago now but Hattie is originally from the Frankfort area (my hometown). I shot the Lewis' wedding back in June 2013! I was thrilled to hear Chris and Hattie also wanted me to shoot their wedding! With them living in Chicago, it became hard to find a date to meet for engagement pictures. Thankfully, a date finally worked out and I was able to meet them! They were so laid back and SO excited about their upcoming wedding day! We took their engagement pictures at Camp Cullom. That was also where they wanted to take their wedding pictures! It rained the day of the engagement pictures but we made the most of it and the pictures turned out great!

I woke up the day of their wedding to a rainy morning (rain is a good luck thing for them I have decided ;) ). I knew Hattie and Chris were dead set on having pictures taken outside at Camp Cullom so I prayed the rain would move on by the time we got ready to head out there. I met them at the hotel and got some great pictures of Hattie getting ready. It still was raining and raining while we drove out to Camp Cullom. When we got there the rain cleared and the skies broke open to beautiful blue skies! It was amazing! Chris and Hattie decided to see each other before the ceremony at Camp Cullom. It allowed them so much time to enjoy the day and each other! Their wedding party was a blast and we had many laughs during their pictures.

Their ceremony took place at a little church in Mulberry, Indiana. Hattie made sure not to miss a single detail throughout the day. My favorite detail...a picture of their parents, grandparents and great grandparents and the years they had been married. I loved that! Well enough writing...enjoy all the details of their perfect day! :)

I'm so so happy for you two! I know you will have many amazing years enjoying each other, family, and your close friends! I wish you both all the best!!

<3 Emily


Deb Crussel(non-registered)
It was such a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Chris and Hattie and wishing them many happy years together.
Jennifer Nice(non-registered)
You did an awesome job!!! I'm sooo greatful that I was a part if this awesome day and my kidos. This day was full of luv and family and new beginnings for an amazing couple. Luv them and wish nothing but the best for them!
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