Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Anna Colindres {9/25/15}

October 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When I met Anthony and Anna I knew I would be working with a laid back and fun couple. They said they haven't had professional pictures taken together before. You would NEVER guess that in their pictures. I really believe it is because they just fit perfectly together and that comes out in the pictures. I swear they can't take a bad picture! Anna found her dress at a thrift store! I always love to see the dresses my brides pick because without a doubt they always fit their personality. Anna's dress did just that and she looked so beautiful in it! Anthony and Anna got married at the Ritz Charles in Carmel. They decided to see each other before the ceremony. Anthony's nerves instantly went away when he saw Anna. I was so glad they decided to do a reveal because of that reason. The day had quite a few laughs as you will see in these pictures. One of the groomsmen ripped his pants when trying to catch a grape (I happen to catch the rip part and the after when he was waiting to get his pants sewed)! Anna surprised Anthony with an ice cream cake. He loves ice cream cake but she told him it would be too hard to have one at the wedding. They brought the cake out right before the cake cut. He was definitely excited and gave a thumbs up (as you will see in the following pictures). The evening brought one of the most gorgeous sunsets and we got a great picture of it! Okay enough writing...enjoy the pictures of their perfect day!

I am so so happy for the two of you! I know you will have amazing memories together as the years go on. I wish you many many happy years together!



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